Why are more and more people suffering from cancer?

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Why are more and more people suffering from cancer?

Doctor said:cancer like these food best


Cancer has become a serious disease that endangers the health of human beings in contemporary society. The consequence is that ,with the development of the disease, the patient is gradually weakening,finally losing life and dying.

We have seen many times like these samples, some of them are senior cadres. some are big star, they don't get rid of cancer and end up dying. It is presumed that cancer has become one of the killers of human health, and there are countless people who die of cancer every year.


Now everyone is afraid of cancer, but why more and more cancer patients? Where did the cancer come from? Why do people grow in cancer?

People live on gas and blood,there is as sayingQi is the commander of blood,blood is the mother of Qi.enough gas promote blood circulation enough,lack of Qi cause blood will not run efficiently, then blood blocked? So this is called stagnation of Qi and blood stasis.

Why is it easy for modern people to suffer from tumor?


the first reason is that the rest time do not rest,the meal time do not eat,the time to sleep but run to play excessive dissipation!the more loss of the gas,slower the circulation of the blood.which easily cause the blood vessels are blocked.

The second reason, because we are now eating too delicate, too good, our organ metabolism has encountered difficulties. In fact, there are more and more rubbish in the blood, that is, the blood is getting thicker and thicker.

Why are more and more people suffering from cancer?reasons below:

1.Ice and spicy food

Over-eating, especially the consumption of sweet and fattyfoods and sodas, is a rising phenomenon in many fast-growing developing countries, compounded by an increasinglysedentary lifestyle. A hunger, a full meal, a diet irregular, can also affect the normal gastrointestinal function.


2, Sedentary

Office staffs work nine-to-five who are sedentary in office,gradually accumulate fat in the lower body, which not only causes physical problems, but also causes psychological problems. Reduce blood volume and heart function of whole body, aggravate the heart disease of the middle and old ,develop arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and hypertension. It is easy to cause gastrointestinal peristalsis to slow down, the secretion of digestive glands is reduced, and the symptoms such as loss of appetite and other symptoms appear, which aggravate the digestive system symptoms such as abdominal distension, constipation, dyspepsia and so on.


2. Stay up all night

Nowadays,the young like to stay up late, often stay up late, and work overtime. There is always endless work. They are busy drinking, catching up with drama, but it also makes young people's body going form bad to worse. This also causes young people to get cancer increasingly.


3. To be sick and not to see a doctor

Modern young people hold their young, sick and will not see a doctor quickly, thinking it is good, not knowing that slowly accumulated, until become more and more serious,which will makes the body collapsed completely.

Do not

1.Smoked or pickled foods

Do not eat smoked or pickled foods such as bacon, bacon,salted fish, pickled mustard green, A Xiancai, etc., these foodscontain a possible cause of gastric cancer and esophagealcancer chemicals. 



Roast beef, roast duck, roast mutton, roast goose, roast suckling pig, roast mutton string and so on.

The meat is rich in protein and fat, and these things in the roasting process, will produce a lot of toxic and harmful substances, easily lead to cancer cells, and even if the body breaks down, also caused a great burden, but also make the body fat, obesity will ensue.



3.Overnight food, and repeatedly fired water

Overnight cooked cabbage, pickled cabbage and repeatedly boiled water will contain nitrite in this matter, these are very easy to carcinogenic things, when eated into body, will be transformed into Nitrosamine.

So if you eat something, the best way is steamed, rather than fry.



New things have fresh good things, pickled food is also a good pickled food, but many carcinogenic factors actually buried in this kind of pickled food, which contains abundant nitrite into the human body after the formation of carcinogens; and pickled food is very salty, and high salt food is cancer promoting factor.


5.eat too much sugar

The most popular "food" for cancer cells is sugar. a study in Japan, about 57% of the blood sugar is consumed by the cancer cells when the blood flows through the tumor, making it a nourishing ingredient. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also reported that drinking two cups of sweet drinks a day would be over 90% suffer from pancreatic cancer than those who don't drink.


6.The secondary oil is still used for cook

Many people don't throw the first oil from fried, and they will also be used for high temperature stir fry or fried. But this practice is very undesirable, because oil heated by high temperature will attack trans fatty acids and toxic oils and fats. When the oil is heated continuously, the output value of carcinogens will increase dramatically, and the chance of cancer cells will increase. This kind of oil should prevent the high temperature heating, can be used to make a stew perhaps other pastry rolls.



People who like to drink alcohol, cancer is also secretly approaching to you, a small amount of wine is beneficial to the body, but if excessive drinking, it is a kind of self-mutilation. Excessive drinking will induce oral and laryngeal and esophageal cancer. The survey found that People who like to drink are 2.5 times more likely to die of liver cancer than they dislike.



To prevent cancer, people have to do it:

1., try to avoid smoking, obesity, unhealthy diet, drinking, human papillomavirus infection, hepatitis infection, ultraviolet radiation, urban air pollution and other risk factors.

2. vaccinated with human papillomavirus and hepatitis B virus;

3. control occupational hazards and minimize contact with chemical carcinogens;

4. reduce exposure to ultraviolet radiation;

5. reduction of exposure to ionizing radiation (occupational or medical diagnostic imaging).


The progress of Vine Tea-Dihydromyricetin in the field of anti-cancer research?



 Dihydromyricetin can induce tumor cell apoptosis, block the cell cycle of tumor cells, induce tumor cell autophagy

  and inhibit the invasion of tumor cells, thus inhibiting liver cancer cells, breast cancer cells and prostate cancer

  cells and the proliferation of bladder cancer cells and promote the apoptosis of many tumor cells.



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