Natural hepatoprotective drug - Vine Tea-Dihydromyricetin

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Natural hepatoprotective drug - Vine Tea-Dihydromyricetin

Dihydromyricetin is another variety of high quality extract with market potential which was launched by Guizhou Miaoyao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. since 2012. It is flavone compound with more than 98% content, white crystal, abundantly exist in Ampelopsis.

Raw materials --excellent effect

Fanjing mountain is the main peak of Wuling mountain, Guizhou. the unique geographical location and climatic conditions provide a good environment for the growth of Ampelopsis, water near the mountain creek, shrub jungle, roadside Po on the wall of four overgrown with wild vine tea plant resources. local farmers begain to collect its leaves frying as white as snow when annual Tomb-sweeping Day comes, many drinkers love because of its first painstakingly sweet. The number of national medical testing authority, the content of total flavonoids of Ampelopsis grossedentata can reach more than 70%, content of DYM more than 40%,currently the flavonoid content was found for all plants of the highest plant, it is also called "king of flavonoids ".it contains 17 kinds of amino acids and potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other 14 kinds of trace elements, its nutritional, pharmacological,which can reduce cough, enhance immunity; have strong killing ability of Staphylococcus aureus, a and B streptococcus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, influenza bacillus; can emit harmful phthalein, eliminate dirt in the blood, regulating blood fat, blood pressure, softening blood vessels, regulating kidney function, strengthen the absorption heavy tubular; especially in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infection, acute and chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, anti-inflammatory sterilization, lowering blood lipids, soften blood vessels, inhibit platelet aggregation, anti thrombus, anti tumor, regulate the stomach, especially on the effect of nerve system disease significantly.

Function flavone -- Dihydromyricetin

It works so much, DYM plays a very important role in many field, the relevant data show that it has the significant effect below:


 Antitumor effect of Dihydromyricetin

    Dihydromyricetin can induce tumor cell apoptosis, block the cell cycle of tumor cells, induce tumor cell autophagy and inhibit the invasion of tumor cells, thus inhibiting liver. cancer cells,breast cancer cells and prostate cancer cells and the proliferation of bladder cancer cells and promote the apoptosis of many tumor cells.

Hepatoprotective effect of Dihydromyricetin

  Dihydromyricetin can effectively protect liver injury ,can be inhibited by D-galactosamine (GalN) rat liver damage induced by lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), ALT, aspart aminotransferase (AST), α- vitamin E and GSG/GSSH, has good protective effect on liver besides, Dihydromyricetin can reduce triacylglycerol (TG), reduce the fatty degeneration of liver cells has a significant protective effect of alcoholic liver injury.

                                                                                                              Antioxidant effect of Dihydromyricetin

    Dihydromyricetin as a natural antioxidant, which is similar to the activity of TBHQ, can be used below 220℃, 95%DMY is applied to the effective amount of peanut oil in 0.04% as the best agent, adding dihydromyricetin half of ascorbic acid VC is better.

Application of Dihydromyricetin in Animal Feed

   DMY 0.025% In the dietary can effectively improve the chickens mucosal immune system function,putting 100×10 -6DMY in laying hens fed diets is similar to drugs added antimicrobial effect in feed; DMY can significantly increase the weight of chickens, and DMY can improve meat quality by reducing meat drip loss and shear force so.

Price Advantage -- Dihydromyricetin

High content of raw material, extraction is relatively easy, the cost is relatively low, and the special chemical structure of product has certain hydrophilicity and good solubility in alcohol, can be widely used for medicine, food supplements, functional foods, alcohol beverage, daily chemical products to help people realize antioxidant, antitumor, antiasthmatic hepatoprotective, can be used as feed additive in animal can improve immunity, improve livestock intake, improve meat conversion rate and improve the quality of meat.

      Gradually increasing production

So far, our company basically rely on extracting wild raw materials, but wild resources are limited in the long term, its special growth environment makes the pure wild resource picking is relatively difficult, in view of the above reasons, Guizhou Miaoyao biotechnology company is committed to the development of imitation wild planting, in the territory of the company Tongren City, Guizhou Province where has been the development of Ampelopsis grossedentata imitating wild planting base of nearly 1200 acres, the base will expand to 5000 acres in the next 3 years

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