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Magnolia bark PE
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Origin    Dry bark, barberry root bark and branch bark from deciduous trees plantmagnolia bark or Magnolia officinalis which belongs to Magnolia family.

CAS No.528-43-8

Appearance】Light yellow to white powder 

Molecular Formula and Molecular WeightC18H18O2266.32

Product  SpecificationTotel Phenol (Magnolol and Honokiol)10%~98%  

Test MethodHPLC  

Physical Property  This product is sepia to white fine powder, with scent, pungent and little bitter taste. Monomer is a kind of colorless needle crystal (water) and its melting point is 102 , Soluble in benzene, ether, chloroform, acetone and common organic solvents, but hardly solve in water, it can easily solve in caustic dilute solution and get sodium salt. Phenolic hydroxyl group can easily be oxidized, but allyl is easier for addition reaction.