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Angelica absolute
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Origin: Gained from the roots of umbelliferae Angelica by extracting separation with alcohol.

Character: Dark amber or brown oil-like liquid with fragrance of sandalwood and pepper and taste of bitter and sweet.

Main Ingredients: Ligustilide, a-Funebrene, pinene and angelic acid etc.

Ligustilide: ≥30%

Acid Value: ≤7.0

Relative Density: 20℃):1.12501.1550

Application: It has special effects in protecting the liver, prevent coronary disease, cerebral arteriosclerosis, in resisting arrhythmia, cerebral ischemia and cancer, in restraining viruses and in preventing miscarriage. It is also used for curing asthenopia and anemia and delaying senescence, removing chloasma and acne and improving sleep quality. What’s more, it is applicable in the industry of perfume.