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Growing pains of valerian in China
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Growing pains of valerian in China

With the continuous development of society and the accelerated pace of life, work pressure increased, all kinds of factors of learning stress, enhanced competitiveness, which make people more susceptible to pressure from all sides and lead to the change of the spirit of modern, modern disease - caused by insomnia morbidity is increasing gradually, and a variety of chronic diseases and mental problems caused by insomnia has got more and more attention, thus help solve sleep disorders more and more plants were excavated, but the efficacy and safety of non dependence also has no toxic side effect of valerian has been one of the key concerns of the industry in recent years. However, although the industry has been concerned for many years but the domestic situation has been poor, small-scale industrial development has not formed. This phenomenon also makes many people in the industry have questioned why China has so many varieties of Chinese herbal medicines, and even the introduction of foreign medicinal plants can be developed in full swing, valerian has not been developed? Now let me give you an answer. In fact, the main reasons are the following:

1. Europe has formulated the relevant product standards,but China doesnt, even relative to the current domestic China varieties of the Ministry of Commerce earlier introduction of valerian valerian extract, basically, resulting in domestic valerian products of others, rampant fakes, even fakes can be bought, so confused market conditions who are not blind the development of.

2.a wide variety of valerian, only China can be found in the valerian varieties, what kind of species should be developed because there is no standard reference, not a thorough understanding of this product, people simply do not dare to grow.

3.Which valerian extract is better?valerian oil or valerian powder extract .Most of the people hold the European standard that valerian extract powder is required for functional products of raw materials, while the domestic is not found suitable for European standards of raw materials, so that domestic valerian raw materials doesnt  work, which was not paid attention in china. However, according to the current situation of domestic and foreign users, in fact, the same amount of valerian oil relative to valerian powder extract effect is more significant. But the industry's awareness of this phenomenon is not high, so that the country can not find the right variety, which lead to can not develop a lot.

4.although Guizhou began with wild Valeriana oil processing at the late 70s last century , but valerian oil just as traditional natural spices used in perfumes and tobacco flavor, the amount is very limited, according to the data show that the global annual demand of valerian oil of fragrance industry is about 2-3 tons a year, because the amount of limited, they often become the spice industry bulk buyers price manipulation of small variety of the injured, almost three - five years of a price cycle, people can not benefit from the growing enthusiasm.

5.because of the growth habit of valerian special, high quality and high yield of valerian is growing in high altitude mountain areas, the best is 800 meters above sea level -1400 m area, growth period, rainfall, temperature, soil fertility, soil water is good. Such a growth environment must not be large-scale mechanized farming, so to some extent, restricted the industrialization of valerian.

6. valerian is an annual plant, the annual seedling demand is large, and the seeds should not be harvested, seedling cultivation technology requirements are higher, so the development is relatively slow guide.

Guizhou Miaoyao Biotechnology Co. Ltd. since 2007 the northeast of Tongren area,Guizhou,focusing on the development of valerian planting from the wild, domestication, seed collection, seedling cultivation, planting techniques to grope the scale of development, after 10 years, ten years of grinding sword, finally this year valerian grass cultivation base expand to more than 2000 acres of scale. With the seedling cultivation of cultivation techniques ,which can be developed to more than ten thousand acres of valerian, which will gradually meet the growing market demand.